Our patients love our dentists at Magis Dental in Joliet. We have the highest rated dental office in the region.

“There’s no substitute for caring. It’s what matters in marriage, parenthood, and profession. It’s why I spent a year in a dental residency after graduating from dental school. It’s why I have spent hundreds of hours on continuing education. And it’s why I love being a dentist: because I care about my patients—their joys, their stories, their lives. Fixing teeth along the way is just the icing on the cake.” – Dr. Matthew Burns

It’s always been about the people. Our team is highly compassionate and extremely well educated and trained. We have the most well reviewed hygienists and dentists in Joliet and we love working with new patients of any age. Due to the recent COVID pandemic, we also understand that for some patients, it has been quite some time since their last dental exam which can lead to further anxiety and delay. At Magis, we treat each and every patient the way we would a member of our own family, without judgement and with dedication and care.

Magis isn’t a thing—it’s an idea. An idea that dentistry can be more than pain and fear. That you can be taken care of, and that the people behind the masks truly care about you. Officially, Magis means “greater,” and that’s what we think dentistry should be. In a world that treats everyone like a statistic, we see you for who you are. You’re more than your teeth: you’re family.

We Are Proudly The Highest Rated Dentists In Joliet, IL