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Family Dentistry

Magis Dental is the top reviewed family dental office in Joliet, IL. Discover why our patients love our dentists and schedule and appointment today.

Our Top Rated Dentist In Joliet Is Available To Treat Your Entire Family.

Let’s make this a family affair, our 5.0 star dental team makes keeping you and your loved one’ teeth healthy and happy. Our team understand that your time is valuable and we can also appreciate your desire to find the best possible dentist for every member of your family. Family life is often incredibly busy and sometimes it seems like there just isn’t enough time to get everything you need accomplished.With so much going you might ask yourself, “How do I fit the family’s dental appointments into my already jam-packed schedule?” The answer is simple, visit us at Magis Dental in Joliet, IL and let our team of professional providers take care of the people you love most.  We love working with patients of all ages, and have experience with infants who are starting to show their first tooth as well as senior citizens aged 95-years and older.

Scheduling your appointment is simple, we have limited availability some days so  please call us at 1 (815) 768- 4521.  Or  you can email us at drburns@magisdental.com

We Are The Number One Rated Family Dentist In Joliet, IL.

Children's Dentistry

Our dentists are parents too and we take great pride and care in treating the youngest members of your family. We understand that choosing the right dentist for your children is an incredibly important decision and that when it comes to developing lifelong, healthy habits seeing a dentist whom your child can trust if of monumental importance. Both of our dentists are also parents and take great pride in helping their younger patients feel empowered, educated, and cared for each time they visit. Our team will gently instruct them how to brush and floss correctly, offer cavity-preventing fluoride treatments, and make sure that when your child leaves our office they will be sporting a healthy, vibrant smile.

Teen Dentistry

For young adults and teenaged patients, it is important to find a dentist who can help speak their language and assist them in understanding the great importance that dental health plays in one’s life. As your young person enters adulthood and begins to develop a sense of their own independence, it is critical that they take begin to become responsible for their own dental hygiene. Our team is well versed when it comes to working with young adults and our dentists will treat your teen with the utmost respect and compassion during what can often be a challenging and exciting time. So whether your child is due to have their wisdom teeth extracted, looking to learn tips on avoiding cavities, or need assistance preparing for  a lifetime of beautiful, healthy smiles.

Adult Dentistry

Sometimes life can be overwhelming and we understand that most of our adult clients are busy juggling the responsibility of parenting, providing, and being an adequate role model for your children. We are here to help and can schedule your appointment so that you can take care of your dental needs and fulfill your daily responsibilities to the family.  So even if it has been several years since your last visit, Dr. Burns and his staff are ready to welcome you back.  We do not judge our patients at Magis Dental, we are simply here to help you any way that we can. Call us today to schedule an appointment so that our team can get your smile restored to perfection.

Senior Dentistry

We love working with seniors and are always looking for new ways to help our clients look and feel fresh and young. With so many advancements in the health care industry people are living longer than ever before, so now more than ever it is important to always be proactive with your dental health. Healthy teeth and gums play a key role in both your overall whole-body health and your ability to eat, speak, and smile with confidence. The team at Magis Dental in Joliet, IL will give you the tools you need to prevent tooth decay, can help restore missing or damaged teeth, and are experts at treating gum disease without invasive surgery.

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