For Dr. Burns, dentistry is about so much more than just teeth.

“For me, what’s really exciting about dentistry are the patients—getting to know them, their families, and their stories. And let’s face it: dentistry is scary when you’re in the patient chair—will this hurt? Will I be taken good care of?” What drives Dr. Burns isn’t only the quality of the fillings and crowns, but rather the quality of the care behind the treatment. “Can dentistry be pain-free and fear-free? Definitely! And when a patient sits up after a procedure and is surprised at how easy it was, that’s a real gift, to be able to take away a patient’s fear.”

Born in Boston, Dr. Burns attended MIT, then spent a year doing volunteer work with adults with developmental disabilities, where he met his future wife Molly, a fellow volunteer. At that point, he believed he wanted to be a teacher, so he obtained his Master’s degree from Boston College and taught for two years as a high school English teacher in Chicagoland. “I found out that while I loved interacting with students, I didn’t love the logistics of teaching itself, so I decided it was time for a career change,” he said. A family friend who was a dentist steered him towards the field. He is grateful for that mentorship, noting that “dentistry is a great career, one where you can continually work to improve your skills, and where the field is continually enhancing patients’ experiences.”

Our goal is always to treat each and every patient with the same level of professional care we would a member of or own family.

Dr. Matthew Burns DMD

After graduating from Western University of Health Sciences in 2014 with his dental degree, he joined the Air Force, where he spent a full year in a dental residency program, providing advanced procedures and learning about the latest research on treatments. “It’s difficult to learn everything about dentistry in four years,” he noted, “so I was grateful for the opportunity to hone my dental skills under the mentorship of dental specialists in uniform.” Dr. Burns then spent the next three years as an Air Force officer in Charleston, SC, where he was the officer in charge of dental continuing education for the clinic. “I’ve always been passionate about continually learning new ways to better treat our patients, especially because the dental field is always evolving,” he said.

During his time in Charleston, his wife and him had their three children, Emmie, Henry, and Mary. Not wanting to move their family every three years as an active duty dentist, they decided to move back to Chicagoland. While he became a civilian dentist, he also spends once a month as an Air Force reservist: “I didn’t want to leave the military altogether, because it’s been such a good experience. It’s amazing to still be a part of something bigger than yourself.” He started to laugh as he recounted one of his civilian patient’s questions: “One patient asked me what kind of plane I fly when I do my reserve weekends. I told her I can’t even fly a paper airplane—I just stick to dentistry!”

After a few years being the lead dentist at an civilian office in the Chicago suburbs, he met Dr. Pellegrini. “He’s an excellent dentist,” Dr. Burns noted, “but what really sets Dr. Pellegrini apart is the way he’s spent decades making his patients feel like family. They can trust him, not just because of all of his training and cosmetic skills, but because he truly cares about his patients. And that’s what I’ve always wanted to be a part of: a place that cares not just about a patient’s teeth, but that cares even more about the person sitting in the chair.”

Dr. Burns is excited to be a part of Magis Dental. “The team here is exceptional, from Dr. Gaby and her amazing skills and training in oral surgery, our assistants keeping everything running smoothly, our front desk team welcoming everyone through the door, to our wonderful hygienists making patients feel right at home—it’s a remarkable group of people. And I think our patients know it. I’m excited for the future and to get to know all of our patients and their stories. I’m lucky to be a part of it,” he added.

When he’s home, he stays busy with his family, their Yorkie, and their six backyard chickens. He loves to read, hike, bike, and jog, adding that he definitely can’t keep up with his wife, Molly.

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