Preventive Dentistry

Preventive Dentistry

Preventative care is the number one way to prevent tooth decay and improve gum health. Our beautiful office is located in Joliet, IL.

The best way to avoid tooth decay and gum deterioration is through preventive oral care.

It is important to establish a preventive dental care plan that helps you to maintain excellent oral health. It is the combination of regular check-ups, semi-annual cleanings and the development of good habits like brushing and flossing that is so critical to creating healthy dental hygiene.

Proper care for one’s teeth should begin early in childhood and extends throughout the course of one’s life. Our dentists are experts at instructing our patients in the art of proper preventive oral care and enjoy spending time ensuring each one understands this comprehensive, yet fundamentally critical process.

  • Proper preventive dental care is the number one determining factor in overall oral health.
  • Our dentists have been recognized as experts in preventive dental care.

Discover more ways to care for your teeth.

Preventive Dental Care And Your Oral Health

Keeping your teeth and gums healthy requires you follow a simple, yet thorough regimen of preventive dental procedures. From establishing a strong daily routine for brushing and flossing to scheduling semi-annual cleanings and X-rays it is critical to your health in general to maintain proper oral care.


Preventive dentistry plays an essential role in allowing a patient to avoid cavities, eliminate gum disease, and avoid other serious health conditions that have been linked to improper oral hygiene. Call us today to schedule an appointment or your semi or annual dental check up.

The Treatment Process

Preventing oral decay is simple when you know what you need to do to maintain dental health. We recommend all of our patients schedule an oral exam, semi-annual cleanings, and routine X-rays. We are always accepting new patients at our office in Joliet, IL.

Our Preventive Dental Services

Preventive dentistry is the process of keeping your mouth healthy to avoid future dental problems. In order to maintain optimal dental health we recommend the following preventive dental procedures to all of our patients.

At Magis Dental our patients are always our number one priority. We understand that, for most people, visiting the dentist can create anxiety especially for patients who have spent greater amounts of time away from the office. Our team of dentists, hygienists, and medical staff are always professional, courteous and compassionate; we respect and acknowledged the courage many of our patients demonstrate each time they walk through our doors.

We designed every aspect of the patient experience with this idea in mind and look forward to helping you overcome your fear of the dentist. Preventive oral care, really is, the most important part of keeping your gums and teeth healthy and happy. So whether, you haven’t seen a dentist in years or are looking for one who will truly treat you like family, Magis Dental in Joliet is your answer, we guarantee it.

  • Comprehensive Dental Checkup

    During your exam, the dentist will check for cavities or other abeyant issues with your teeth or gums and will schedule any additional services you may require.

  • Dental X-Rays

    At Magis Dental, we utilize a digital x-ray machine, which produces much less radiation than a traditional machine and is more accurate for cavity detection.

  • Peridontal Therapy

    Periodontal disease is a persistent dental condition that eventually results in the loss of critical bone and gum tissue needed to support and hold the teeth.

  • Professional Dental Cleaning

    A routine professional dental cleaning at our office is the best way to remove the build-up of tartar, prevent gum disease and to keep your smile healthy

Semi-Annual Care

  • Dental X-Rays
  • Dental Exam
  • Dental Cleaning
  • Peridontal Treatment

Annual Care

  • Chemotherapeutics
  • Custom Mouth Guards
  • Dental Sealants

At Magis Dental, we make it easy to keep up on your dental care.

Flexible Appointments

We recommend that you schedule an appointment as soon as possible so that one of our dentists can perform an initial checkup and make recommendations for further care.

Dental Cleaning

Dental cleanings are critically important to maintaining your oral health over time and should be scheduled every six months. Call us today to schedule an appointment.

Dental X-Rays And Exam

In order to fully assess the condition and health of your teeth and gums, our dentist will perform and initial examination including X-rays during your initial consultation.

Magis Dental Is Rated As The Best Preventive Dentist In Joliet, IL

Our reviews speak for themselves and we are proudly the highest rated dental office in Joliet, IL. As always, our number one priority is providing our patients with the same level of exceptional, compassionate, and professional dental care we would expect for a member of our own family.